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Certificates with Unleashed

New Contributor II

I bought a certificate for use with a unleashed setup, but I cant really make it work. 
I set a DNS-record for the master, but the master can change and it will then redirect to the ip-adresse of another AP.
How can we give the users a feeling of working on a feily secured network without certificate warnings etc?

Esteemed Contributor II
The soon to be released Unleashed 200.2 will use a single IP address for Management, known by all (Master/Standby/Member) APs.
This managment IP will be your DNS hostname address for a third party certificate.

New Contributor II
Do I dare to ask for an alobaration on the term "soon" ? 🙂

New Contributor II
Now we do have 200.0
But it still is a bad experience 😞
I can set up a management IP, but I will still get certificate warnings. I will just be redirected to the IP of the current master. 
Also if I go to :  https://wifi/guestpass I will get warnings and be redirected to https:///admin/login.jsp ... not the guestpass page. 

hi jens, do you solved it ?