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Unleashed - factory reset?

New Contributor II
Is there a more thorough factory reset procedure than going to Administer -> Backup and Restore -> Restore to Factory Settings?

I'm asking because after going through the above procedure, my supportinfo log files downloaded after the Factory Restore are still full of info from before the restore (e.g., list of AP Reboot Reason that goes back two years).

Thank you 🙂

Contributor II
This might help

Using hard-reset using push pin will wipe out everything. 

By the way, what motivates you to do factory-reset?

I assume I have to do it on the Master AP? I did try the button on a mesh AP, which made it go through a cycle that looked like it got re-added to the mesh, but once it was back, all logs from it were also back with all pre-reset messages.

The motivation is the issue I'm still having ( that led to an RMA of my MAP, but that didn't solve the problem.

I bit the bullet and did factory reset this morning (the "soft" way), which didn't improve things at all, and appears to have made them worse.

Will try the button, then will try swapping which AP is the Master.

Last resort - will probably go back to 200.4.x.

If you use the hard reset on a AP, regardless of its role, it will be reset factory settings. So, if you do it on Master AP then it will be reset. However, if you have another Ethernet connected AP in the network then that AP will take over as Master. This means that as soon as original Master AP that is already factory-reset by will join automatically assuming it is still Ethernet connected. 

In your specific case, as you have only one RAP which is also the Master AP, once you factory-reset it using push-pin then you need to go through the setup process. 

Hope it helps!


Thanks for the info.

Just did the hard reset on the Master (MAP was powered off). Ran the initial setup; once it was up, connected and downloaded supportinfo. Well, the "### AP Boot Reason ###" still lists everything back to 2016, as well as "### Himem Ring Buffer 1 ###" and "### RSM Log ###" logs that go back a fair way, too. 😞

Just to confirm - during hard-reset of the Master/MAP there were no other APs, and I don't have a ZoneDirector or Cloud Wi-Fi.