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Unleashed Web Server Proposal: Remove 1024-bit RSA keys, use 2048-bit by default, and add 4096-bit

New Contributor

Unleashed: (April 2023)



In Admin & Services --> Administration --> Certificate --> Advanced Options, we see options for the Unleashed web server.  Although this is "just" Unleashed which is usually an internal web server in SMB and home environments, I still think it's important to follow industry best practices.  I believe that 1024-bit RSA has been deprecated many years ago; I've seen various articles that talked about retiring it in 2009, 2013, 2015, etc.

I propose completely removing 1024-bit and making 2048-bit private keys the new minimum default.  But also adding a new option for 4096-bit.  It doesn't really hurt anything, in my experience.

There's also a few grammatical errors in the English version of Unleashed (sorry!) that would look better if fixed.

In case my screenshot is too small:

"Re-generate a new private key of a specific key length. This function is only needed when your certificate vendor only accepts 2048 key length instead of 1024 key length. Warning: The Unleashed will be rebooted after re-generating a new private key."

* get rid of "The" Unleashed in the last sentence.  Also the middle sentence will no longer be necessary with the new 2048-bit default so maybe delete it.

"Import a trusted CA to Unleashed. When Unleashed received receives a server's certificate, Unleashed it will match the server's CA against the Unleashed's list of trusted CAs. If there is not match, Unleashed will send an error."

should be "Import a trusted CA to Unleashed.  When Unleashed receives a server's certificate, it will match the server's CA against Unleashed's list of trusted CAs.  If there is no match, Unleashed will send an error.

Thank you for your consideration.  I appreciate the hard work of the internal team in making Unleashed a great product for SMB and advanced home users.  I hope it sticks around for many, many more generations of AP and ICX products.