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Unleashed / WPA3, FT-SAE / Client Interoperability question.

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Unleashed seems to support 802.11r in WPA3, at least as I can see my Galaxy Tab s8 authenticate with open ft in WPA3.

However, the rest of the devices I tested (s10+, note10, z flip3, tab s6 lite) all use 802.11r only with WPA2.

Interesting is SCG-125696 in Client Interoperability of smartzone 6.0.0 release note.
"Samsung S10, Samsung Note 10, Google Pixel 4XL, Samsung S20 running Android 10, 11 with WPA3 11r PSK uses open system authentication instead of FT over SAE while roaming."

This issue is not seen in the smartzone 6.1.0 release note.
Did the devices listed in the issue roam with FT-SAE in smartzone 6.1.0?

I checked the version of wpa-supplicant on my Galaxy s10+ and it is "wpa_supplicant v2.10-devel-12" and it seems to be a version that supports FT-SAE.

Are there any results of roaming tests in Unleashed?
Aruba's compatibility test documentation says that the s21 also does not support SAE+11r.


I wonder if this only supports samsung devices released after 2022.


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I received a response from Samsung that s10+, note10, z flip3, tab s6 lite do not support fast transition in wpa3.

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