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Unleashed Smart roam

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Deployed and support a biz / residential Unleashed install of 3x R710s in 3 separate buildings within close proximity.  25-35yards apart.  Everything been good until the recent addition of some home chromecast devices.  With my past config for 2yr 1 particular chromecast refuses to work on 5Ghz.  Constant deauths until it gives up trying to connect all together or goes for 2.4Ghz and then works for a bit until it decides to use 5Ghz again then fails.

I had previously enabled 802.11r + 802.11k + smart roam of 4 when it was first setup 2yrs ago as I had a consistent issue with client devices not properly connecting the AP within the same building.  Client devices would stick to a poorer signal AP in another building rather than using the one close by.

In my chromecast troubleshooting of deauths "leaving" - I've disabled 802.11r + 802.11k on the "home" ssid.  That alone did not help.  But changing the smart roam to 1 allowed 5Ghz to work.  (But not sure how reliably yet)

Today I was onsite following up with a reboot after enabling adaptive band balancing as I noticed far too many 2.4Ghz clients when they should be 5Ghz.  Once network came back online the chromecast was broken again.

I reviewed smart roam and discovered it reverted back to previous valve of 4.  Didn't save to startup config.

I then set again and rebooted.  Same.  Why won't the cli smart roam config save to startup config?  Am I forgetting something?



set roam_factor wlan1 1

set roam_factor wlan33 1

quit (says saved but isn't)

Also been reviewing cli guide to remember how to completely disable unleashed smart roam for ssid but having hard time locating proper documentation.

"Accessing the AP-Mode CLI" has little discussed and CLI help isn't really helpful.  get ? / set ? returns no results.  Where is smart roam documentation?

Unleashed firmware

Thank you


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello Taylor,

Below commands are the standalone AP commands and will not save on the AP config file after you reboot the AP.

set roam_factor wlan1 1

set roam_factor wlan33 1

As you are using the R710 into the unleashed mode, you can disable the smart-roam from the unleashed controller CLI by using below command

ruckus# config
You have all rights in this mode.
ruckus(config)# wlan
ruckus(config)# wlan "WLAN NAME"
ruckus(config-wlan)# no smart-roam
The command was executed successfully. To save the changes, type 'end' or 'exit'.
ruckus(config-wlan)# end
ruckus(config)# end
Your changes have been saved.

Please refer the below KB article for the Smart-Roam


Thank you.

I did locate that article but didn't believe it applied to Unleased but rather Zone director environments.  I probably followed it 2yrs ago when initially setup smart roam.  I'll give this a go tomorrow.

Forgive my ignorance - is ZD documentation synonymous with Unleashed?

My basic understanding was Unleashed integrated controller not same as dedicated controller?

Hello Taylor,

Most of the configuration settings between the ZD and unleashed are the same. But unleashed only supports upto 128 APs, 2048 clients and 8 switches per deployment.

In unleashed setup one AP act as master/controller depending upon the election process, you can also make a particular AP as dedicated controller or preferred master by making the configuration change from the WebUI

New Contributor III

Commands worked.  Thank you!  I've got another question regarding channel fly constantly changing channels causing disconnects but I'll create a new post.