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Gateway mode speed limitations

Contributor II
I setup an R310 in gateway/router mode and noticed that I am limited to ~150mbps download and ~5mbps upload. I subscribe to and consistently get 200mbps download and 30mbps upload speeds otherwise. Is this a known limitation when the access point is in gateway mode? Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e8135b77e2478dae36_569e8dc87c660b81838f1b8f3da47a0b_RackMultipart2017022412804913l-f815eb76-34a7-4435-a187-556d84703bea-1601453252.JPG1487974696

Esteemed Contributor II
That same client "consistantly got better throughput" on what other type AP please?

Esteemed Contributor II

We are supporting all Ruckus 802.11ac model APs under Unleashed, but there are some
WAN bandwidth restrictions due to the processing overhead of handling clients that affect
the WAN/LAN packet inspection role in GW Mode.

As GW model AP has to perform multiple functions such as Master AP, DHCP server, and
NAT, we strongly recommend to use an 802.11ac Wave2 model AP as the GW mode AP.
The maximum WAN throughput for the entire Unleashed (up to 24 other) APs, is either
100mbps or 200mbps, based upon the AP model capabilities. 

11ac WAVE-2 APs: 200 Mbps WAN b/w

·        R710

·        R510

·        T710 series

11ac WAVE-1 APs: 100 Mbps WAN b/w

·        R600

·        R500

·        R310

·        T300 series

This was my initial assumption. Good to know, thanks.

Contributor II
The same R310 when used as a standalone AP but also eero or Apple extreme. These are my speeds when I am not using the R310 in gateway mode. I ran multiple speed tests when in gateway mode and it was strictly adhering to ~150/5.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c421135b77e24797b076_f04c6f51630240b956f7c50190190564_RackMultipart2017022410413sb2u-a84f3241-1cb1-4955-a909-b0768ca2dfe5-2040269003.JPG1487977549