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Unleashed Bonjour Gateway Policy Rules

New Contributor

As of last night, I'm running the latest version of Unleashed ( on my two R610s, but I have been unable to solve this problem for many versions. I am running a separate WLAN/VLAN for my IoT devices (e.g. TVs, Printers, etc.) and am trying to setup Bonjour to allow discovery from my client WLAN/VLAN.


Sequence of events happens like such:

- Click the checkbox: Enable Bonjour gateway on AP

- Create or Edit policy
- Click Create New button within policy form
- Select any service (e.g. AirPrint, AirPlay, etc.) from dropdown and fill in appropriate to/from VLANS
- Click create new button and then everything I just selected/filled in is erased or if I click OK instead and go back in to edit the policy nothing was saved either.


What am I missing to get the rules to save in the policy?


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New Contributor

I finally solved it... the browser doesn't display the full form so the Save box was missing from view. I had to scroll to the right. 

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @avatar4d 

Glad to hear that the issue is resolved, Let us know if you need any assistance.