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R510s stuck offline

New Contributor II
After power cut we have 2 out of 7 unleashed r510 APs that are showing as offline. I have a solid red light. How should I get them back online? Thanks

Esteemed Contributor II
Reboot...?  Make sure they have network connection.

Thanks Michael. What is the best way to reboot? The only option available to me in the web interface is ‘remove’. If I select this can I reboot from there?

Oh, I meant a physical power cycle, not necessarily a factory reset (which is done with a paperclip thru a little hole by the Eth ports).
The APs should look on the local LAN for other Unleashed APs already running a network, and if they had been Mesh APs, when they don't find one on the Eth, they then look over the air.

New Contributor II
Thanks Michael. Yes I am sure they have network connection. The only option for theses WAPs in the web interface is ‘remove’. I am hoping that if I select this then I will be able to add the WAP again? Just trying to get some reassurance that this is the best way to do this?