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Unleashed API

New Contributor II

Is there published or unpublished API for Unleashed?

I'm looking for the MACs from cli command "show current-active-clients all". 


Totally agree. I just created a new repo on GitHub and added the Unleashed postman collection:

You start with the call to login using the unleashed credentials, then retrieve a CSRF token, and use it in the header for subsequent calls.



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the endpoints for ZD are a little different. I will create another repo with the ZD collection

My pull updated all the requests so they work on Unleashed, ZD 9.x & ZD 10.x endpoints.

If you keep the ZoneDirector & Unleashed repos split...

  • Maybe add a note to the ZoneDirector readme that ZD 9.x users need to use the Unleashed repo (or find-replace admin10 > admin before importing the workspace).
  • The 2 initial steps (logon & get csrf) can be combined: turn off 'automatically follow redirects' for the logon request, and the login response headers include the csrf token.
  • The ZoneDirector repo has some extra requests (e.g. client list, wlan stats 2) which are also useful for Unleashed and can be converted over.

New Contributor II

Amazing!  I’ll have a look. 

Internal Employee

I uploaded a ZD 1200 collection to this repository:


New Contributor II

Worked.  Thanks for this!