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Unleashed AP approval issues with

New Contributor III
With previous firmware versions I could enable/disable automatic approvals.  I just updated to and it seems the approval option is permanently enabled, you are not able to click the option.  Has anyone else noticed this?  It's caused some minor headaches when running multiple APs on the same network that I did not want to be connected together.

Valued Contributor II
FWIW, I was able to use the Unleashed CLI's faux ZoneDirector mode to disable AP auto-approval much in the same way that one uses the ZD CLI to do so....

Of course, if Ruckus's official position is that this is not a supported feature, I would not recommend doing so.

(Don't ask who may have gotten in a bit of trouble for hijacking a test rack of Ruckus AP's once because he had a controller plugged in :D)

Good thinking!

And good to know that tinkering through the CLI can get you in to trouble when plugging in a controller 😛 Definitely putting that in our documentation 😛

Valued Contributor II
It's more bringing in a controller with auto-approval enabled on a subnet I did not own. Little did I know, someone on the subnet was trying to set up some Ruckus AP's and his controller was losing the race to mine, so I kept accidentally stealing his AP's.

That taught a valuable lesson to turn off auto-approval unless I really know I want it on a network.

Couldn't find any other threads on this subj, so adding my own comment.
In this way it is virtually impossible to pre-provision Unleashed at home, if you have Unleashed AP's of your own. I'm on and (still) cannot disable 'Auto Approval' on my exisitng Unleashed, causing my new AP's to be 'stolen' too. Besides, my new AP's still have this label inside the plastic wrapping....Image_ images_messages_5f91c464135b77e247a577bc_e521448d7c5b28d72dd41c884f1fff1d_RackMultipart20180209547331h8w-4b9118eb-747d-45cd-b826-373680e50ce7-1323242060.JPG1518164824

Hi Jesper,

     By design you cannot pre-configure an Unleashed network, nor set it up remotely.
We have a knowledge base article with setup details that can be shared with remote
admins if needed.