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Unleashed AP Count and highest firmware

New Contributor

Good Day, 

We currently have the following AP's: R500,R510 and T301s.

I would like to upgrade the current firmware for unleashed to accommodate more AP's We are currently running version

There is conflicting information regarding how high I can take the firmware. What we would like to achieve through this process is add additional APs to the unleashed network. Currently we can only have 25AP's. I believe with a firmware upgrade, this number can rise. 

Is anyone able to guide me on the latest firmware version that can be used for the AP's mentioned above as well as how many AP's one could have if an upgrade on firmware is possible. 




RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @ChadB21 

R500 and T301s are end of life APs and both of them support only firmware version not beyond that.

R510 AP supports the latest AP firmware version 

In unleashed all the APs are needs to be run on the same firmware version, as you have R500, R510 and T301s APs in unleashed so you can't upgrade the unleashed controller beyond

You can create a two separate unleashed network one for R500 and T301s APs with 200.7 firmware version and another for the R510 and new models APs so that it can support latest unleashed firmware version. 

Please make sure that both the unleashed AP needs to be in different L3 network.