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Smart Roam on Unleashed AP's

New Contributor
Anyone Use Smart Roam on an Unleashed Network? Is it in a firware revision? I can't seem to find the option. On Zone Director networks it was always just a checkbox.

its there in version

Our firmware is
and it had smart roam command.

Like this in 200.5. ssh to your current master AP. Configure per SSID.
Start testing conservatively with a roaming factor of 2-3, keep SSID using one frequency only (2.4/5GHz) or AP will switch to 2.4GHz when 5GHz cannot reach.

ruckus(config)# wlan MyWiFi

The WLAN service 'MyWiFi' has been loaded. To save the WLAN service, type 'end' or 'exit'.

ruckus(config-wlan)# smart-roam

         Enter the roam factor(1-10) or keep it empty.

ruckus(config-wlan)# smart-roam 5


Expect to se ‘disconnected by [xxxx] from WLAN[yyyy]’  in the log, when the Smart-Roaming function is activated. This you can also find on Ruckus Support.

You can also check out smart roaming feature....not sure it’s in unleashed GUI yet, but it should be in CLI.

check out this,discussion..

Hi Jacky,

While configuring the Smartroam, "Smart-roam" parameter takes values from 1 to 10.
These are called roam factor, and they map to a RSSI value in dB as per the list below:

A client will disconnect if it's signal falls below user definable threshold (Lower RSSI) as per table).