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When will there be unleashed support for R750?

New Contributor
The Ruckus Product guide shows the R750 with support for unleashed. We purchased 5 of these with plans to deploy soon. I was very surprised to see no firmware available for these AP's. Is there any timeline or do we have to purchase another management solution?


Contributor III
They will have support soon on version 200.8.x. But don’t know when.

New Contributor
GA is expected in Dec. Webinar registration link for 200.8 release announcement: 

New Contributor
I was told that support would come next year. Likely 1st quarter. We went ahead and bought a zonedirector 1200. For us it might be for the best but this is very frustrating when the PDF on the website describing their products shows this support when it’s not the case.

Valued Contributor II
Is it still true that R750 will support unleashed but R730 won't? Looks from the SmartZone AP patches and the support info like the R730 and R750 run the exact same firmware binaries (the support info for R750 shows the firmware type is actually r730, not unlike how the R500/R600 share firmware). Almost seems like R730 firmware support comes for free from R750....