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Smart Mesh in Unleashed?

New Contributor II
As I read from the release notes, the Master AP and Standby master AP can't be Mesh AP's or Ethernet-linked Mesh AP's.

Taking that into account, how many AP's minimum is needed to take advantage of mesh at all? Eth-linked Master, Eth-linked Backup Master, Eth-linked Mesh, and Mesh? Four AP's to avoid only one cabled link? Is that correct?

Esteemed Contributor II
You can mesh two Unleashed APs.  But only the wired one can/will be the Master AP.

It's recommended to have two or more wired APs, so you have failover capability in event the current Master becomes unavailable.

No, that's not correct.

You could have only 1 Master (Root AP) and one Mesh AP. Only downside is, then you wouldn't have a Standby Master in that case, so no redundancy; if the Master goes down the whole network (only 2 APs in this case) would be down. 

You can also have - and I think this would be the recommended deployment - 1 Master, 1 Standby (both Root APs with wired Ethernet connection) and 1~23 Mesh APs. 

Hope that helps. 

New Contributor II
OK, thanks!
That's what I thought, but the release notes got me confused 🙂 Have to test it.

Contributor II
Mesh and Smart Redundancy in Unleashed works as follows

1. For an AP to be a Master or Standby it MUST have Ethernet cable connected
2. Both Master and Standby AP or any Member AP can become a Root AP as long as they have Ethernet cable connected

If you have only two Unleashed APs in your network you can still create a Mesh network. In other words, AP with Ethernet connected will act as Master + Root AP. The AP without Ethernet cable will be a Mesh AP (piggy backing on to Master/Root AP). However, since Mesh AP has "no Ethernet" it can't be a Standby AP.