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Several Access points, including the Master, are disconnected

New Contributor

Hello - 

I'm seeing some odd behavior in the Ruckus Unleashed website.  Here's the details:

  • The school I work for has 27 Ruckus R350 access points.  A few days ago, I noticed that 14 of those access points were listed as "Disconnected" in the Unleashed Dashboard.  The Master AP is among the disconnected. 
  • In the WiFi Networks screen, there's only two networks listed when there should be three. However, the missing WiFi Network is still being broadcast and used.  It may only be a coincidence, but the missing network is also the most recently created.
  • In the clients screen, I'm only seeing a fraction of the users I should be seeing.  I believe this has to do with the missing WiFi network I mentioned before.  It appears that any users logged onto that network are hidden from my view.

Any advice for me?  I'm tempted to reset all of the access points and rebuild it all.  I've only been working with Ruckus for a few months though, so I'm hoping there's a simpler solution



New Contributor

I cycled power on the two Ruckus switches that we have, and all looks good now.  Problem solved, I think!


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