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Setting individual networks on single Unleashed AP

Contributor II
Hi all,

Just downloaded the Unleashed firmware to one of my AP's to test it out and get a feel for things, however, i like the AP's to broadcast a separate 2.4 & 5 network with different BSID and passwords.

Could someone point me in the right direction on how to do this as i cannot find any way of separating them out like it could be done on the standalone software.

Many thanks

Esteemed Contributor II

I found the same, only enable/disable the 2.4G or 5G radio entirely, you do not have an option to advertise/service an SSID only on one band or the other.

When I asked, Product Marketing said they did not expect to get this request from the SMB market segment.  Can you please share your reason(s) for why you would wish to only advertise an SSID on one band or the other, and I'll be happy to take your answer to them?

Hi Michael,

Believe it or not, we do still have some legacy devices that occasionally get used.

And selfishly, we do get a lot of visitors so i like to keep the 5G network clear for our use and leave the 2.4 for the visitors.

The trouble with this is all our other devices (mainly ac) will occasionally connect to the 2.4 rather than the 5 which is a little frustrating, otherwise i would shut off the 2.4.

Nearly all other Ap's (and even the Ruckus stand alone firmware) has this basic function, so i was a bit surprised when the Unleashed version didn't.

You and the team have obviously spent a great deal of time working on Unleashed, and there are some functions of that, which personally i would never need to use, but i would have thought this would have been implemented by default.

It is also appreciated that it is free to use!!


New Contributor III
It has been a year and the latest unleashed firmware does. It have an option to do this. I like to put all devices on 5GHz except for those that absolutely need 2.4GHz and I determine this manually. Not having this option is a major annoyance. I am used to having this ability from the Zoneflex 7982's standalone mode.

New Contributor III
This is finally fixed in 200.5. 🙂

New Contributor
I'm running 200.7 and there is still no option to run separate SSIDs on each radio on a single AP.  Rest of the industry does.  Frustrating not being able to control which radio my devices connect to!