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Setting individual networks on single Unleashed AP

Contributor II
Hi all,

Just downloaded the Unleashed firmware to one of my AP's to test it out and get a feel for things, however, i like the AP's to broadcast a separate 2.4 & 5 network with different BSID and passwords.

Could someone point me in the right direction on how to do this as i cannot find any way of separating them out like it could be done on the standalone software.

Many thanks

New Contributor II
JasonS see below extract from online help:

Editing an AP's configuration settings

In general, the settings available on the individual AP's Edit screens are the same as those for global AP settings (see Configuring Global AP Settings). Configuring these settings for an individual AP overrides the global AP settings. However, some settings are only configurable on a per-AP basis, as follows:
  • General: Configure the AP's Device Name, Description, Location and GPS Coordinates.
  • Radio B/G/N (2.4G): Enable/disable WLAN service for this radio.
  • Radio A/N/AC (5G): Enable/disable WLAN service for this radio.
  • Network: Configure a manual (static) IP address, or allow the AP to obtain an IP address using DHCP.
  • Other: Choose an AP to serve as the Bonjour Gateway AP (See Bonjour Gateway), or enable/disable the AP's Status LEDs.

Hi and thanks for the info.

However I have found this section and looked to configure but I can't see a way of setting the 2.4 & 5ghz networks in one Ap individually.

The radio settings on the ap configure tab just switches them on or off.

Unless I am missing something!

New Contributor II
I see now what you mean and I can't find it either.

Contributor II
Perhaps someone from Ruckus might want to comment.