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Schedule an export of logs

New Contributor II
We have a requirement to keep a copy of our WiFi logs for up to 12 months. Is there a way for Ruckus do a regular export of its logs, preferably by email?

Hi Simon,

Sounds like you have our Unleashed platform deployed. Here's further details on exporting alerts:

Configuring Alarm Event Notification Settings

The Unleashed web interface allows you to customize the content and delivery for a wide range of alarm events. When a matching event occurs, admins can be notified either via email or mobile app.

To configure alarm event notifications and email/mobile app delivery:

Go to Admin & Services > Administer > Network Management > Alarm Notification.
In Alarm Event, select/deselect the event categories for which notifications will be delivered. Click Apply to save your changes.

In Email Address, enable the check box and enter the destination address for alarm notifications. An email server must first have been configured from the System > System Info screen.

I hope that helps.  If you need further details then please check out page 270 in the Unleashed 200.6 User Guide, which is avilable on the Ruckus Support site.

I hope that helps,

New Contributor II
Hi Darrel, not quite what I was after, but that would come in handy too.

PCI compliance is actually what I'm trying to achieve, and I've actually found a PCI whitepaper which has been enlightening. It looks like I'll need a Zonedirector appliance to achieve it.