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Ruckus Unleashed slow speeds

New Contributor II
Hi everyone, I just replaced a Draytek Wifi network with 4 Ruckus R510 acess points. The problem that I'm having is while hardwired into the switch where the access points are connected I'm getting 400-450 Mbps download and upload, I'm using a small Cisco 10P POE Switch connected straight to the router on a different VLAN. If I connect to any of the access points on WIFI I only get 200-220 Mbps, being next to the access point. I only enabled the 5G network and all the channels are set on auto. Is there anything that I can change to see if it improves the speed on WIFI ? If I was to use a Zone Director and flash the firmware, will it make any difference?
Thank you

Valued Contributor
Hi Adrian, 

I'm pleased to hear about your new Ruckus Wi-Fi deployment.

However there's a lot more to configuring a wireless network than just leaving all settings on 'Auto'! It will very much depend on your Wi-Fi client device and it's hardware capabilities as to what throughput you will be achieve, along with enironmental factors effecting the RF, such as interference, attenuation, refraction, etc. 

If you require higher throughput on the 5GHz frequency, you will need to configure wider channel bandwidths from the standard 20MHz. With the R510 APs you can configure 40MHz and 80MHz, but whether this will give you actual better performance will very much depend on the factors I've mentioned above but is certainly worth a try.

There is some further configuration information here:

Finally; changing the firmware code on the AP won't change the performance of the AP.

I hope that helps,

New Contributor III
There can be numerous reasons for this to happen. changing your Unleashed to a ZD ap won't make a difference to your wireless enviroment. Just to give some examples of what is happening.
Wireless adapter of the client is not up to date(driver), Interference in your wireless enviroment(high NoiseFloor), a cap on your wireless connection(look at your advanced settings of your SSID) and so on. As you can see these are all RF related and not ethernet related. So unleashed of ZD or SZ will not make a difference. Test it with the same conditions and steps  ut with a different client. How did you determine your speed? Iperf is good way o do this and its free

New Contributor II
Yes, I am using Iperf and to be honest I was blaming the interference, the site is in the middle of London on the 5th floor surrounded by embassies. Also there is a lot of marble, glass and mirrors in the property, I just wanted to be sure I tried everything before going to the client and tell him why is he getting speeds like this. Thank you for your help.

New Contributor III
your welcome. I am pretty sure it is your RF enviroment. But definitly take a look at the suggestions me and Darell gave you. There might be some finetuning options to improve your throughput a litle bit.