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Ruckus Unleashed slow speeds

New Contributor II
Hi everyone, I just replaced a Draytek Wifi network with 4 Ruckus R510 acess points. The problem that I'm having is while hardwired into the switch where the access points are connected I'm getting 400-450 Mbps download and upload, I'm using a small Cisco 10P POE Switch connected straight to the router on a different VLAN. If I connect to any of the access points on WIFI I only get 200-220 Mbps, being next to the access point. I only enabled the 5G network and all the channels are set on auto. Is there anything that I can change to see if it improves the speed on WIFI ? If I was to use a Zone Director and flash the firmware, will it make any difference?
Thank you

New Contributor II
Of course, I'll try them today. Thank you guys.

New Contributor III
I just replaced two R700 and a ZA1200 with an R710 Unleashed and an R720 Unleashed.  Same exact location, hard wiring and setup, latest firmware.  I also see speeds less than 1/2 of the previous setup.  Somehow, the Unleashed setup refuses to give the same throughput.

New Contributor III
I'm also limited to about 400 mbps, no matter what OS or how close I get to the WAP, even when only one device is connected.
I'm limited to 7-10 mbps via wifi when less than 10' from the WAP. 

- Garrett

We're only getting about 50mbps download speed...  Checking with SpeedFlex, download speeds are about 1/10th of upload speeds.  Absolutely pathetic that we're all still battling this issue...  Best advice; sell your Ruckus AP's...

Same issue here. Have a 300 Mbps connection with Spectrum works perfect wired. It slightly overperforms actually. Hugely consistent. Have 3 Ruckus AP on Mesh using unleashed. If I turn off any password protection and reboot. It's great. When I turn it back on I'm at 55 mbps on the average even with just one device turned on in the entire house. My house is a long way away from other homes and there is no interference.

Any suggestions on a better AP setup. I need 3 and I would prefer they seamless handoff devices.