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Ruckus Unleashed, notification of offline Access Point?

New Contributor III
How do we get notified of an offline AP in a Ruckus Unleashed network?

I tried turning on the AP lost contact but we don't receive a notification, from this URL

But after an update, that page has disappeared.

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Correction, it's possible the initial alert setup was a different site.
The firmware above is:

I am updating to 200.6. now.


Contributor II
If you have 'Ruckus Unleashed' mobile app then it will send you a text message whenever a WiFi service affecting event takes place such as AP going offline, AP's radio gets turned OFF (likely done manually by someone),  or WLAN gets disabled (likely done manually by someone) etc.

New Contributor III
After updating the firmware, it appears this works - after you setup your SMTP server (relay) configuration & email address of course.

New Contributor III
Interesting, I did a test - and I did not get an alert that it was offline - but did get an alert when it came back online (unplug, plugged in; about 5 minutes apart).

Here's my alert:

Subject: [********-Unleashed@] Alarm 'AP Has Joined' generated

 An alarm 'AP Has Joined' was triggered.


AP[********@fx:3x:9x:1x:0x:2x] joins with uptime [63] s and last disconnected reason [AP Restart : power cycle]

New Contributor III
This is still a problem - even though there's an option for AP offline... and no way to change a threshold... In my searching, I see that if you have the multisite setup, you can set a threshold; but none of our clients use this.

in addition, the available threshold values aren't reasonable.  We need alerts if a device is offline for more than 5 seconds... not 2 hours.  by 2 hours, users are already in a bind and lost productivity.