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Removing WLAN that was created in error

New Contributor

When I was setting up the R510 AP for the first time, I did something where I ended up broadcasting a SSID that I no longer want. 

Is there anyway to delete this ssid or at least hide it? I looked all over my network setup and cannot find it to make any changes to it.


RUCKUS Team Member


To delete the WLAN in Unleashed , open the Wi-Fi Networks section, select the WLAN box from the list on the left side click on More option and disable or delete the WLAN.

If you are using the AP in standalone mode, please refer the below document.

You need to select the Configuration>>Select the Radio (2.4ghz or 5ghz) >>disable the broadcast SSID option.

I can see the two that I have created for upstairs and downstairs that works as expected, but the one I am looking for does not display anywhere. 

Hi @Lennar_Saechao 
So where do you see the SSID which is broadcasting which you do not want to?
From client?

You can also verify from the AP CLI if the SSID is broadcasting or not.
Login to the AP CLI and use the below command to see the list of SSIDs AP is broadcasting.
Master :
get wlanlist

get wlanlist

I see it when im searching for wifi to connect to from any wifi enabled device.