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R320 Unleashed stuck on Configure-Me

New Contributor


I've used lots of Ruckus access points in the past but this one isn't behaving as I expect.

I have an R320 Unleashed. I've factory reset it and walked through the setup wizard, entering passwords and SSID details. It says it worked, and reboots as expected. After rebooting, the password I supplied has been saved - accessing the web interface shows me a login box instead of the wizard - but the SSID is still Configure-Me. Weirdly, the dashboard lists the SSID I entered (even though it isn't being broadcast) and the "Access Points" section has a count of zero.

I've tried factory resetting a few times. I've updated the firmware to the latest (downloaded this week). I've tried a different network switch. I've even tried a different R320 unit (but only one at a time). Always the same. It's definitely running the Unleashed firmware.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.