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Remote Management/Dynamic DNS Unleashed

New Contributor II
Is there a place somewhere on the Ruckus Unleashed virtual controller to enable Dynamic DNS? If not, how would one manage their WLAN remotely? If I put a static IP as the IP of the master AP, that will allow me to do that right? I have not tried that yet.. 

Thank you.


New Contributor III
DNS snooping is done on the unleashed AP for "" and uses the master ip to resolve the address. 

New Contributor
If we are trying to access the management dashboard remotely and have setup port forwarding through our router to the master AP, what happens if the master is offline and the secondary AP becomes master.   Is there a virtual IP address that we can always connect to no matter which AP becomes master?

We would not be connecting to the SSID as we're connecting remotely for management so I don't think we can use the option as it's only for local access.

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Ryan, I can tell you that there appears to be some internal resolution with the FQDN and the AP adapter because when setting up the unleashed R500 on a site where there was no Internet access I was able to use the FQDN to connect to the dashboard. I can also tell you that the only way the FQDN works is if your are connected to the WiFI SSID for the Access point. Even if you are hard wired to the same subnet as the AP the FQDN does not resolve to the masters IP address. You would have to know what is the masters IP address to connect to the dashboard. The only resolves when connected to the Unleashed WiFi network and it must also be a WiFi network that is on the same subnet as the physical interface of the AP which is VLAN 1. I myself am trying to figure out how to manage the AP's remotely but until now using a VPN is the only way, of course after finding out who is the master AP and getting the IP.

Thanks Dan!  It would be nice if they incorporate some type of virtual IP on the LAN side.

Ryan, glad to hear the information helped. Also, as Ahbi mentioned, if you type any IP for any Access Point it will automatically direct you to the master AP and show the login screen.