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Redundancy Convergence Time of Unleashed

New Contributor III
Hi, I am confused with the redundancy features of Unleashed. I asked a Tech Support from Ruckus and here's what he says about the regarding my question of the process of Unleashed's redundancy:

"When Master AP reboots, the standby-AP will not know the master AP is lost till 60 seconds, it will wait and the SR will disconnect, and then the standby AP will become new Master. When, Master AP reboots, Standby Master will have to wait for 120 seconds to start Master election, so during this 120 seconds, if we try to access the old Master AP, the webUI will take us to the Wizard page. If we try to login within this period to the Master, the wizard will take us to the initial setup. Hence we need to give at least 2-3 minutes of time for this whole re-election process to take place before logging in to the Standby, which becomes the new master AP."

My question here is, does the redundancy of Unleashed really need to take this very long time duration before the Standby Master took over? Because I think, in my own opinion this is really not redundancy.
We use the APs for VoWIFI services, and we don't tolerate any downtime because every call here is important and if the Master AP will go down we don't want to wait that time before the configs be took over by the Standby Master.  I think, we could even detect the problem and could have made new configs even before the Standby Master adopts and becomes the new Master..
I need you clarifications with regards to this matter..

Valued Contributor
Hi Noel,

The information given is correct, there is a  time on which the master changes.
In your scenario we would recommend a controller.

Please contact your Ruckus partner and he will explain this also to you in more detail.

Kind regards

Esteemed Contributor II
Client traffic continues to flow thru ALL the APs (except/unless you powered off your Master AP obviously),
during any period of AP Master/Standby Master evaluation.
Standby does not take over for long enough that the Master might only have rebooted, in current 200.1 design.