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R750 Slow Speeds

New Contributor III

One of my homes has Cable Internet speeds rated at 450 Mbps Down & 20Mbps Up.

I have a Arris TM1602 DoCSIS 3.0 16x4 > Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 12

At this location I had a...

27" iMac (Model Spring 2019)

iMac > Cat 6 Wire > EdgeRouter 12 = 450 Mbps Down & 20 Mbps Up

iMac > WiFi 5 > PhiComm K3C AC 1900 = 380 Mbps Down & 20 Mbps Up

iPhone 11 Pro (2x2 WiFi 6 Chipset) > WiFi 5 > PhiComm K3C AC 1900 = 365 Mbps Down & 20 Mbps Up

I picked up a Ruckus R750 Unleashed and added it to the EdgeRouter 12

27" iMac (Model Spring 2019)

iMac > Cat 6 Wire > EdgeRouter 12 = 450 Mbps Down & 20 Mbps Up

iMac > WiFi 5 > Ruckus R750 = 375 Mbps Down & 20 Mbps Up

iPhone 11 Pro (2x2 WiFi 6 Chipset) > WiFi 6 > Ruckus R750 = 362 Mbps Down & 20 Mbps Up

Note: I am powering the R750 with a POE+ Injector but could it may be under powered?

I know if it is under powered it may not perform as well as it should but I find it hard to believe an $750 Access Point can't beat a 2 year old $80 consumer router, especially since R750 is WiFi 6 Certified and I'm using an iPhone 11 Pro with WiFi 6 2x2 Chipset.

PoE Injector = Cudy 30W Gigabit PoE+ Injector Adapter, IEEE 802.3 at and IEEE 802.3 af Compliant, up to 100 Meters (328 Feet), 10/100/1000Mbps RJ-45, POE150

Ruckus Power Specs (Page 5)

802.3af PoE = PoE: 12.54W

802.3at PoE+ = Full Functionality = PoE+ : 22.34W    /    DC Power: 22.69W

Ruckus Optional Accessories 

These are much higher power specs than stated above in their power specs.

902-0180-XX00 · PoE Injector (60W)

902-1170-XX00 · Power Supply (48V, 0.75A, 36W)

Super appreciate any advice even if it's not related to the R750 just seems odd to me. Thank you!

I will also run iPerf3 tests between server (iMac) and iPhone to test the speed of the hardware minus the ISP. This will rule out any ISP issues. I still think hitting the same 450 Mpbs as a Cat 6 cable via the iPhone 11 Pro via the 2x2 WiFi 6 chipset should be easy.


New Contributor III

My set up is similar in that I also have R750 and EdgeRouter but ER4. Also use an injector - 60 watts also if I recall correctly but it is third party. In unleashed, I have the R750 set for at power mode always.

Gigabit down (measured at 940 with ookla on ethernet).

I see betw 400 and 650 on iPhone 11 Pro which is my only WiFi 6 device as I walk around. My WiFi 5 MacBook Pro toos out at around 550,

What is strange about your data is the iMac is faster than iPhone. Opposite my experience.

I don’t have suggestions but thought I would provide some comparative data given the setup similarities.

New Contributor II

Try the Ruckus speedflex app to test without having to setup iPerf.

Also check on which radio band you are connecting, 2,4 or 5 GHz

I tried the speedflex tool on the iPhone 11 Pro from about 10ft away no barriers.

I don’t know how to check which radio I’m connect too. Update below.

I will also get a 60W PoE injector but this should not be the issue I wouldn’t think. 

R750 <> WiFi <> iPhone 11 Pro

This seems sad for a pretty high end Access Point.

Absolutely nothing else connected to this AP when this test was run.

Image_ images_messages_5fbe51f0ce4ce1357af2177e_8c8cf8a32dc493325cc3079365eea7f4_2020112507.13.55-d4a551c8-894f-4b9d-8cd1-2083d7e55788-1974233311.png

I'm having the exact same issue.  I'm testing using Speedflex on a mac m1.   I ping the AP itself so it isn't going out to the internet.