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R710 Negotiating at 100Mbps full


Running Unleased and recently noticed that my R710 is only communicating at 100Mbps.  The output from my HP 2530-24G-PoEP switch shows the following:

# sh int brief

 Status and Counters - Port Status

                   | Intrusion                           MDI  Flow
  Port  Type       | Alert     Enabled Status Mode       Mode Ctrl
  ----- ---------- + --------- ------- ------ ---------- ---- ----
  1     100/1000T  | No        Yes     Up     1000FDx    MDI  off
  2     100/1000T  | No        Yes     Up     100FDx     MDIX off
  3     100/1000T  | No        Yes     Up     1000FDx    MDIX off

Port 2 is the R710 and port 3 is an R610; both ports are configured similarly on the switch. We can also see lots of errors on this port:

# sh int

 Status and Counters - Port Counters

  Port       Total Bytes    Total Frames   Errors Rx    Drops Tx     Ctrl
  ---------- -------------- -------------- ------------ ------------ ----
  1          434,334,518    2,827,281,045  0            59           off
  2          1,303,791,737  5,455,819      346          1,525,938    off
  3          2,714,323,548  4,117,758,011  0            143          off

The switch also had the following to say when I did a "set ethspeed eth0 auto" on the R710, which I did for the heck of it.

W 12/05/22 14:03:21 00327 FFI: port 2-Excessive undersized/giant packets. See help.
W 12/05/22 14:03:21 00329 FFI: port 2-Excessive CRC/alignment errors. See help.

Here is some more detail from the R710:

ruckus(ap-mode)# get eth

Port  Interface  802.1X  Logical Link  Physical Link      Label
0     eth0       None    Up            Up 100Mbps full    10/100/1000 PoE
1     eth1       None    Down          Down               10/100/1000

Note: Read Port#N as N+1, if you are referring this CLI output with AP's "Configure :: Ethernet Ports" UI Page.
ruckus(ap-mode)# get power-mode
PoE Configured Mode      : AT
Power Consumption Status : 802.3at Switch/Injector
USB Status               : Disabled

How do I troubleshoot/resolve?

Thank you!



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @daniel_m 

I see that the AP is working in AT mode which is fine. Have you checked the power supplying on the Switch side for the APs? I hope power management is not an issue here.
Can you R610 and connect the R610 cable to R710 and see the result? This will eliminate any physical cable\port issues.

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Contributor III

You're getting CRC errors, so you have a bad cable or switchport. Try a known good cable, then try another switchport if the replacement cable is no better.

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Sorry for the late reply, but thank you for the clue sticks guys!  I traced this down to a bad cable (how does a simple cable that never moves go bad?!), replaced it and we are back to 1000FDx!


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