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R650 Intermittent Ping Loss

New Contributor


I recently deployed a new R650 over a month ago at a remote location which is monitored with a Zabbix NMS. I'm monitoring this device via ICMP ping and SNMP through a site to site VPN tunnel. Quite often I am getting reports of high ping loss where for a minutes or so the R650 stops responding to ICMP. I've caught it in the middle of these fits and attempt ping directly from the firewall, and those also drop so I don't think its a communication issue over the VPN. 

From what I can tell, wireless traffic is not stopping during these periods of ping loss but the web GUI will be unreachable.

Current firmware version: The AP is powered via PoE Cisco CBS switch. AP is currently not configured with a management IP. I was using a management IP with ACL earlier but the intermittent ping behavior was occurring so I removed it for troubleshooting purposes. 

Is this behavior normal or anything to worry about? I do run a R700 at home(Solo AP firmware, Unleashed not support on that model) and have never seen this occur. 

Curious is anyone else has ran into this behavior and have any ideas on how to correct.


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Ruckus TAC helped confirm nothing was operationally wrong with this AP

Root cause was a Dish Network device acting as a rouge DHCP server. Created a new VLAN/SSID and migrated the Dish Network devices over. 

All is well now and AP is performing perfectly. 

Thank you Fernando!

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