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R600 Unleashed ceiling height recommendation

New Contributor
2 R600 Unleashed APs
1 Ubiquiti PoE Edgerouter with 48v power supply
2 100 ft. Cat6e PoE cables
3700 sq. ft. 2 story house with 20 ft. Ceiling in foyer that is in center of house and same height as the ceilings on the 2nd floor rooms.
Microsoft Surace Pro in my office. 20 ft below and 30 ft latterly from desired AP mounting location. Almost line of site visible if AP is located within 8 inches of the wall.
I uploaded 3 pictures. The AP would be mounted on the ceiling just outside the 2nd floor French doors.
The laptop is located just below the small white photo you can see looking down from the AP location.

In The picture looking up from the laptop, the AP point would be visible through the small window above the lower French doors.

Can I expect a strong signal at the laptop given the height and sharp angle?

Thank you

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Esteemed Contributor II
Hello, thanks for the pics.  Your suggested mount location above the french doors is not optimal for three observed reasons, the heating/AC vent, the electrical ceiling fan, and to a lessor extent, the glass window and maybe if you intended wall-mounting.
Heating/AC vents and ceiling fans can generate EMF that may adversely affect your APs.  I'm sure two R600 APs with Ruckus antennas and beamflex technology can easily service your entire home, but both are better mounted horizontally (flat) than wall-mounted.  I think you could locate one AP in upper/left of your home, and one in lower/right of your home, advertising the same SSIDs.  You can sit an AP on a flat surface like the top of a book case, or other furniture where it's out of sight.  I've used conduit to hide PoE cabling.
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