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Unleashed 11ac Wave 2

Is there an anticipated time frame for when this might be available?  Perhaps an Unleashed R610?

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anything to do with future is better answered by Ruckus sales folks...

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Well, don't know for sure when ruckus will announce wave 2 r610 and r510. However, with an educated guess, based on that the R500/R600 was announced in early October 2014,. R500/R600 unleased firmware was announced early October 2015. Count the fact that unleashed firmware platform is in its early stages of development with other features to be released later. There is no need to release mid range wave 2 access points at this time since they have the R710. Also most of the competition only has one wave 2. Model. Also count, that there are no wave 2 clients really til sometime in 2016. Best guess when you factor everything I mentioned maybe summer or October of 2016.

Anyway they would eventually support other existing models for unleashed such as the R710/R700 maybe. Hopefully, they would at least add support for 7982/7372 to be a member of an unleashed network since there is no way it would be able to act as a master due to the fact that 802.11n processors would probably be too slow on the unleashed platform.

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There is no real point on Wave 2 AP's when there are no Wave 2 clients, the r710 was just a tick in the box to say they have a Wave 2 AP out.

Give it while until the clients hit the market place and then worry about where the Wave 2 unleashed AP's are.