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R500 slow troughput, high latency, high packet loss

New Contributor III

Today I upgraded our Ruckus R500 Wireless access points from web interface button to the latest ( After that the internal network speed is very slow. We practically cannot download anything from our file server or have skype calls or anything.

While connected to internal wlan, I get these kind of ping statistics for our access points

Ping statistics for 
Packets: Sent = 150, Received = 138, Lost = 12 (8% loss), 
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: 
Minimum = 2ms, Maximum = 1166ms, Average = 804ms

It does not seem to matter, to which access point I'm connected to. Signal strength is excellent (I'm less that 10ft away from the AP), the network speed is reported between 500-1000Mbps.

However, if I connect to our Guest WLAN, I get decent speeds and can ping outside network addresses with low latencies. Problem started after the upgrade. I have rebooted all the access points, but that didnt make a difference.

I'm new to Ruckus Wireless products, is there anything else I need to do after an upgrade? I have no idea where to start troubleshooting. I've opened a support ticket, but I hope that I could get some help here more quickly.

"Master AP will set factory during upgrade process. Backup the system configuration is highly recommended ! Press OK to continue upgrade, or Cancel to exit." ... wtf Ruckus?

Anyways, downgraded the firmware, rebooted APs and now connected to the first one. "Configuring Unleashed Master. It may take a few minutes." . It has now been 10 minutes. On your adverts you claim, that you can set up a WLAN in 60 secods. How long should I wait?

Didn't have time to wait any longer, so I boldly refreshed my browser (even was told not to do so by the wizard) and to the login screen. 
I have now restored the internal and guest network setup and voilá. Internal network is up to pre-upgrade speeds again. 
I wish I had time to upgrade the firmware again to the latest, but I guess my users are already pissed enough for having non-working WLAN for two days.

My r600 is the same as upgrading your problem, then you brush which Unleashed version back to normal?

New Contributor III
Again the same problem when upgraded to the latest FW. 

It seems that every time I enable radius authentication the problem starts. Had do downgrade again.