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Tagging management with a vlan

New Contributor II
I switched an Unleashed setup using one vlan on the L2 level to use multiple vlans for each of the SSID's.  The managed switch the Unleashed AP's are connected to are trunking all vlans to the AP's.  To avoid using vlan 1 the management network and SSD are now tagged with vlan 10.  Now that I switched over to this setup I am unable to get to the management IP of the Unleashed master unless I connect a device to an access port tagged with vlan 1 in the same subnet.  Is there update coming to be able to place the management interface on the master on any vlan?

Esteemed Contributor II
Product Marketing can comment, but as it was designed, Unleashed is meant to be a single LAN/VLAN deployment.  (at this time)

New Contributor III
Has there been any update with a new firmware change to allow management VLANs? It seems with the ability to have up to 50 APs, it is a security concern to not be able to use VLANs for the management interface. 

I think the model would be to tag all Client SSID VLANs, and leave your Unleashed AP LAN untagged, with only management traffic.