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R500 Unleashed Mesh to Guest House or use PTP

New Contributor II
I have a house with a single R500 unleashed AP in it. The Homeowner would like to add wireless security cameras to the Guest House.

Should I attempt to add a R500 unleashed in the guest house and use mesh or just get a simple point to point setup and put a R500/R310 out there?

Distance is 190' from AP to AP and one exterior wall to penetrate on each side.

New Contributor II
Also, if i try to setup Mesh and it does not work the warning says it can't be shut off unless I default the main unit and re-set up.

Let's say it doesn't work, too far etc. - would there be a problem leaving Mesh on and still setting up the Guest house with an unleashed AP with a PTP connection directly?
In other words will the Mesh and direct link back over PTP mess with each other - create a loop etc.?

Contributor II
Unleashed R310 does not support Mesh.

Yes, setting up Mesh is very easy - just a click away. If you are going to setup a mesh using other Unleashed APs (which seems like a possibility based on your brief description about the environment) you first test Mesh connectivity before mounting it on a ceiling or other inaccessible places to avoid Mesh AP staying a limbo state.