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Multiple Unleashed AP setup but questions now raised...

New Contributor II
We have just setup 5 AP's but have the following questions:

  1. Why when we plug a PC (via network cable) into the same switch the Unleashed AP is connected to it does not resolve "" but it works with the IP and resolves via wireless without any issues?
  2. I can change the logo but can I change the colour of the Guest Login page at all?
  3. Can you confirm what security protocol is used for Guest Login access?
Thanks in advance!

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Alex,

1.  Connect a PC to your Unleashed WLAN, and the '' URL should work.
If you define a Management IP between your Unleashed APs, that IP address should always open to
your Unleashed admin login page (whether wired or wireless). 

2.  Yes, currently Unleashed Logo, but not page color change is supported.  I don't think many customers
have asked for other colors, but you can contact your local Ruckus SE to submit a field request to product
marketing on your behalf. 

3.  And we use HTTPS encryption on Guest Access or HotSpot redirection WLANs.  With best regards,

- Michael

Hi Michael,

Where do we find a local Ruckus SE? I am located in Australia and don't have any contact information.

We would like find out timeframe/costs and if it's possible to do.



New Contributor II
Thanks for your reply Michael.

1) We have plugged a PC into the switch that the Unleashed AP's hang off but it won't load "". Wireless does work, just not Ethernet?

2) Thanks, we may submit that if it becomes an issue for them.

3) OK, good to know, thanks.

Is there anything else for point 1 we need to address?

Contributor II
On #1, when PC is connected a WLAN broadcasted  / serviced by an AP all the traffic goes through that AP including the request to reach ''. So, the AP can intercept and redirect your browser to Master AP's UI. When you are connecting via Ethernet cable AP has no control and traffic goes to your actual DNS server to resolve '' and hence, it won't work as pertains to your local Unleashed network not a public domain.