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R310 Question about the management interface

New Contributor


I just got a client with a Unleashed solution with 6 R310 AP, and I am not really used to this product, I'm reading the doc but I'm more used to a more "controlled" setup

I want to know if the "Managment Interface" I can set on the Master IP Settings is something that will change on another AP if the Master change because of re-election, or is this management ip is associated to this specific actual Master?

as the web interface is only active on the master, and the ip change, I have problems as I need the ip (and not the dns name) is the only way I have as I work remotely.

I cannot test this without rebooting the master to force a re-election and I cannot do that currently.

If anyone knows the answer, let me know. (if I have a re-election in the mean time i'll see what happens)