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R310 Question about the management interface

New Contributor


I just got a client with a Unleashed solution with 6 R310 AP, and I am not really used to this product, I'm reading the doc but I'm more used to a more "controlled" setup

I want to know if the "Managment Interface" I can set on the Master IP Settings is something that will change on another AP if the Master change because of re-election, or is this management ip is associated to this specific actual Master?

as the web interface is only active on the master, and the ip change, I have problems as I need the ip (and not the dns name) is the only way I have as I work remotely.

I cannot test this without rebooting the master to force a re-election and I cannot do that currently.

If anyone knows the answer, let me know. (if I have a re-election in the mean time i'll see what happens)



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Christophe ,

Our sincere apologies for the delay in addressing this query, we have two options to isolate the master AP from the Unleashed cluster. Please find the below links and let us know if you have any other queries.

1. Setting up a Primary and Secondary preferred Master:

This is a fail-over mechanism between two preferred APs in the Unleashed Cluster.

Please check the below article to know more about Primary and Secondary preferred Master.

2. Configuring Management Interface:

This fail-over mechanism will allow any AP to become a Master and the configured Management IP will automatically redirect you to the active Master in the Unleashed cluster.

Please check the below documentation to know more about Primary and Secondary preferred Master.