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Pulling an AP out of Unleashed to SmartZone

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I have a total of 12 AP's managed currently by Unleashed. In theory, If I were to pull an AP out of Unleashed (via CLI) and point it to our SmartZone controller at a remote location - this shouldn't affect the other AP's in that managed environment? 

I do have a master AP and a secondary master (which I won't touch until it's time to fully convert over) on the Unleashed platform. But would pulling any one of those AP's(that isn't primary/seconard) out of the Unleashed environment affect any of the other AP's ? (I'd assume not). 

I didn't want to have to go door to door(MDU property) to fac reset/install standalone mode, figured I could just point each AP at the controller. 

Thanks for any help!




You would have to perform a reset and change AP code to standalone in order for AP to be managed by an SZ. Below is one of our thread where the Unleash AP is unable to understand "get scg and set scg" command. The steps to upgrade are also shared in this conversation and additionally I have added the article link too.

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