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Poor connection on multiple clients

New Contributor

Hello! I'm pretty new to ruckus, and i'm having an issue with poor connection on several clients, I hope you can help me out!

I have a home with 3 unleashed 550 AP's. 2 upstairs 1 downstairs. I am getting poor connection on devices even when just maybe 30 feet away with no obstructions between the device and the AP. and even worse at 10 ft with a wall in between.

I tried setting channels and power manually and that didn't work, so right now I changed power to auto and it's still not working as I would expect, can someone point out any settings/best practices?


Image_ images_messages_606fe61c6520893fc15d770b_61f1ce470f92a83ba1e826ff5359b03f_Clients-371d78f3-31de-4408-89cc-4bcad9eec1d6-1510567643.jpg

Image_ images_messages_606fe61c6520893fc15d770b_f8e278546b9e3d4d081eaa4d6b8de19c_Ap1-9897871b-41ca-468d-aebd-bb881cdd5f62-811390389.jpg
Image_ images_messages_606fe61c6520893fc15d770b_1b5963b5e73ed69e8cf91921e94846a0_Ap1.1-2e73b898-4057-4e69-b140-b66dc0450e5b-1992484488.jpg
Image_ images_messages_606fe61c6520893fc15d770b_fec22aa2bdb144b28e00257908c6d8f4_Ap2-8148cbb3-4d1f-4840-84a6-191dff3c56b7-812313910.jpg

Image_ images_messages_606fe61c6520893fc15d770b_e129c9f9359bbbeb9643bb7e69291d36_Ap22-ac15659e-5cbe-42ff-be3b-05011f2c7949-586171326.jpg

New Contributor III

Can you validate in the connected client info tab, that the devices that have poor connection, are indeed connected to the closest AP?

It is easier to give the AP's a description that describes their physical location, that way it is easier to see in the connected clients overview.

(there is some delay in the admin panel, you might have to refresh the page sometimes)

Thanks! Yea they are connected to the closest. But I guess it will be a waiting game to upgrade to next release

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Johann,

R550 APs on Unleashed has some known issue related to signal strength.

These issues are fixed in upcoming 200.10 version. Expected to be released mid May.

Syamantak Omer

RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!

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Thanks a lot! I’ll wait for the release see how that manages!