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Notification when client connects or disconnects? Or log of weekly connection / disconnection activity?

New Contributor

Hi.  We have about 10 people whose phones connect to our Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex R310 Unleashed Indoor Access Point (9U1-R310-US02).  Is there way for me to be notified (email or something else) with a timestamp when someone connects or disconnects to the network?  It can be just the MAC address of their phone and the time connected / disconnected.

If the above is not possible, can I download a log of the connection activity (showing date & time)?

If it helps, I would be willing to purchase the Ruckus IoT server since that might be another way of getting this info, but I am not sure if the R310 works with the Ruckus IoT server.


New Contributor III

Yes, very easy to do.  Mark the user as a favorite.   Then go to Admin & Services, System Info, Enable EMail Server.   Then Administration, Network Management, Alarm Notification.  Check off Favorite Client Connect & Disconnect.  Then E-Mail Notification below.  

To mark someone as a favorite select Clients, select the person and mark it.

Thank you.  I will try this on Monday when I am able to log into the Ruckus AP.  If I put a person(s) on the Guest Wifi, can I mark the user(s) as favorite do the same notifications? 

It's association with an AP regardless of which network the user is on.