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Not enough electricity power provided with AP warning

New Contributor III

I have the issue on AP R710, 720, 750. Not enough electricity power provided with AP warning

issue. The issue started after updating the unleashed to 200.10 firmware. The issue is on the unleashed firmware 200.8 to 200.10.

On the firmware 200.7 didn't get the warning of "Not enough electricity power provided with AP".

Tried several PoE switches and PoE injector but it doesn't resolve. only after downgrading the unleashed firmware to 200.7 its getting resolve. pls suggest.


Valued Contributor II

Specification of 60W injector you mentioned looks suspicious:

Output: 48VDC 1250mA (60W). But probably it is just a marking.

Higher power injector normally use ~50-57 V, as with higher power also the voltage drop on the cable is higher. 100m loop sometimes may have resistance 8 Ohm, which may mean ~10 V voltage drop.

So if you have long cables (possibly, with higher resistance than usually too), you may not have enough power at the end of the cable, even if your injector is capable to provide 1.25 A.

If you have managed PoE switch, you can see what power is feeded from the port.