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What is the cause of the [AP Restart: Kernal Panic] issue in R610 unleashed?

New Contributor
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Hello, everyone.

The AP is losing connectivity because logs from [AP Restart: kernal panic] continue to occur on the R610 Unleashed model you are currently using.

The symptom occurred at 6/21, and after the [heartbeat loss], the [Unleashed network change master] occurred in the log and the master AP changed.

Additionally, there was a power outage in the 6/9 building, and all APs were down.
The [kernal panic] log has been found since power outage and appears to be an issue caused by power failure.

Is there anyone who has the same issue as me issue?
Please share the solution to the issue.

Thank you.


New Contributor II

Same here had to move them to new poe netgear switch

@peter_makar Does that mean the issue of poe switch?

@young_joon_kwon not sure but still sometimes i lose connection , also i have 500mbps speed i get only 300 i did hard reset many times and i lost the license after i did it the 1st time don't know how to get it back

But does it mean that sometimes the connection is disconnected even if I change the poe switch?