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Mixing R850 with R710's (Unleashed)

New Contributor II

Can the wifi6 AP's be mixed with the R710 on the Unleashed platorm.  Trying to wrap my head around how that could work.  I'd hate to have to replace 7 AP's.


Contributor II


There is no issue with having these 2 models together in an Unleashed network.

You can use any RUCKUS Unleashed AP together, the only caveat being that they all need to support the same firmware version.  Since yours are both current and supported, you should be able to use the latest code.

As a recommendation, the 'biggest' APs are generally better suited to be Master in Unleashed, and the Primary/Secondary AP should be of the same model in case of a failover, but these are not requirements.

New Contributor II

Yes they can all live fine together in Unleashed. I have a R750 with mixed with a R610 and R510 with no problems for over 3 months now.