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New R600 Not Joining the unleashed AP

New Contributor II
Have a unleashed group of 5 AP working for one year today added 2, first one no problem the second one doesnt join the group I can ping the AP from the admin web page, approved the new AP but keeps saying it is disconnected, If I go to http://ip of the new AP, the stand along page loads, all the APs including the new one have the same Firmware version.

New Contributor III
Hi, make sure the Firmware and the system info name are the same. Then, restart ap. also, try to remove the ap w/c you are having a problem from the group ap, then restart.

New Contributor II
The firmware is the same restarted the AP still doesnt connect, it was already approved, but still doesnt connect

New Contributor II
firmare version on all the APs

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Ronnet,

     If the stubborn AP is on the network switch like a working one, I suggest doing a Hard Reset
on it.  Does the AP pull a DHCP address, such that your laptop on that network can ping it?  And
then, check your Master AP access point page and does the new AP ever appear listed there?
Let things go for a little while and does it ever appear there?   

     Ideas, you can try directly connecting to the stubborn AP with a hard-coded laptop
address, and make sure you can see the ConfigureMe-XXYYZZ ssid when it's hard reset?  If you 
need to re-install the Unleashed firmware, the (GA) image is here: 

     Another idea, is to upgrade your current network, if you have Internet access from your VLAN,
it would try to install, our latest release.  If you block internet access, and can reach
our Support site with your laptop out of network, grab the R600 image from this link's .zip file: 

     Upgrading the current APs to this latest release, might help your stubborn one to be recognized,
or push the same onto it manually, and see if it connects with the others then?  Good luck and best