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Need help with Wireless Client Isolation setup

New Contributor
Hello Everyone.

I am new to the Ruckus Unleashed Access points. I am hoping that I can get some guidance on setting up Wireless Client Isolation.

I have a user that connects to our, what we call "guest" wifi, meaning it is a separate network from our internal wifi.  This user has a PC and a printer that are both connected to the guest wifi. We currently have WCI enabled on the WAP, and only the first option is selected (Isolate wireless client traffic from other clients on the same AP.)

So the way I read the documentation, in order to allow this user to connect to her printer while on this network, we need to set up a whitelist for the PC and printer, and the gateway. So I checked the second option (Isolate wireless client traffic from all hosts on the same VLAN/subnet) and created a whitelist with the users PC, printer, and the gateway. Once that was enabled, the users PC and printer lost all connectivity completely. No internet, no ping, no anything. I had to uncheck the second option to at least get internet connectivity back again.

I cant check just the second option either. If I uncheck the first option, the second option is greyed out. 

Can someone please help me get this figured out?  

also put DNS in the whitelist

New Contributor
OK. That particular network just uses Google's DNS servers. Will those work in this case?