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Management of Ethernet ports of an H510 when in unleashed mode

New Contributor II
When an H510 is running in unleashed mode and acting as master, there seem to be no options in the configuration interface to configure its 4 Ethernet ports.
I am afraid this is just unsupported as of release, but cannot find any evidence in favor of or against this conclusion.

Contributor II
It is correct that those Ethernet ports are not configurable. Are you looking to put these ports in a specific VLAN or enable different authentication method? 

New Contributor II
Thank you. Yes, I would have liked to be able to enable/disable each port, set it up as a trunk/access/routed port, and set the access VLAN. Configuration of the authentication method is not a priority at the moment.
What seemed strange to me is that, besides the case of being managed by a controller, even in standalone mode the H510 provides a web interface to configure the ports under consideration.

New Contributor

 This has changed since this original post. This is now possible as long as you don't need mesh mode.   See this video:

Thank you for the update. Indeed, it has been a while since we last needed this function, but we will take this into account the next time we need to apply such configurations again.