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Looking to replace Ubiquiti with Ruckus

New Contributor III
Looking to replace my 2x Ubiquiti APs with some Ruckus Unleashed gear. Currently I have a UAP-AC-HD (AC Wave2) feeding the house and a UAP-AC-LR (AC Wave1) feeding the garage. Coverage is pretty good and there are generally no issues, but just looking for something a little better. If anything, I would like a little more coverage outside the garage. The UAP-AC-LR maybe gets 50-75 feet outside the garage....but that could have a lot to do with the construction of the condo and number of walls....

Typically there is around 20 devices connected via wireless. Most are simple devices that don't communicate too much (Amazon Echo, thermostat some cameras, etc) on 2.4Ghz, and 3x iPads, 2x iPhones, 1x Blackberry, and 5x laptops that can use 5Ghz. There are a couple of Apple TV 4K, but those are wired and connected either directly to a switch connected to the router or in another room via MoCA.

I was thinking an R710 in the house and an R310 or H320 in the garage (the extra switch port might come in handy!). I'm sure The R710 might be overkill, but rather just do it once. 
Curious if anyone had any thoughts or input this.

R510 could be a better fit in the garage instead of R310 if you are looking for Mesh. 

New Contributor III
Don't really need mesh in the garage. Only spend any time in the garage when doing chores and use Airplay to stream music to some speakers connected to an Apple Airport Express.

Would really like something with as much range as possible.

R310 is a good choice as suggested by Michael. 

New Contributor III
I wound up getting an R710 and R510 for a pretty good price. Just need to flash them with Unleashed firmware and mount them. Looking forward to it!

I'm looking for a Ruckus alternative for the Ubiquiti NSM2 2.4 and the NSM5 5ghz