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Leave single R500 Stand Alone or convert to Unleashed

New Contributor II

I have a single R500 AP and probably will not need to add another at any time. Just wondering if there are any performance advantages to making this an Unleashed AP?

Another similar question - with a single AP would there be any performance enhancements with a zone director? In other words, am I still getting all of the Ruckus tech like beam forming, and band steering with just the single AP or is the zone director required to unlock those?

Sorry - noob to Ruckus

For that environment I would definitely suggest Unleashed.  Besides the easier management with Unleashed, standalone APs use SmartSelect channel selection which some WiFi clients may have issues with.  Unleashed allows you to use Background Scanning-based channel selection which is better supported.

New Contributor
Great article, I was thinking the same question as Sean asked.  My only question is if I've purchased a R510, does it cost me anything to upgrade to the Ruckus Unleashed software?  I'm very picky on my home network and haven't found a good wireless device until I found Ruckus.

Contributor II
No, you can interchange between Unleashed and stand alone firmware as you please.