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LACP with R610

New Contributor
Hi, in the wireless network are 2 R610 and 8 R600, and i need to know if is possible configure LACP on R610 through of two ethernet ports? or what is the purpose of two interface ethernet?


New Contributor III
Hi Salvador,

In R610 you can use LACP and combine two gigports.

Abilash PR.

Hi Abi,

i has been research about of procedure. i found this instructions for CLI

To configure the AP for link aggregation:
    1. Verify that the AP power mode is 802.3at:
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rkscli: get power-mode
PoE Configured Mode      : Auto
Power Consumption Status : 802.3at PoE+
    2. Create the bond0 profile for the LAG group and add the two physical Ethernet interfaces to the LAG.
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rkscli: set bond bond0 add eth0
rkscli: set bond bond0 add eth1

When you create the LAG group, LACP is automatically enabled.
    3. (Optional) Set the transmit hashing option to Layer 3 and Layer 4 to optimize hashing for common enterprise WLAN environments.
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rkscli: set bond bond0 xmit-hash 1

this is corrrect?

Hi Salvador,

Yes, that should be it.

Abilash PR.

@abi  is it also possible with the r510? It also has dual ports.