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Is the Guest Portal it's own wlan a separate network? or can it access the main wlan?

New Contributor


I am deploying a couple of r550 and r510 APs, along with a Firewalla firewall device (router mode) for my small organization.

I've been reading about vlans, and know that I can create vlans via my firewall device and then via Unleashed.

My question is, with the Unleashed Guest Portal, is creating vlans necessary?  Is the Guest Portal a totally separate wlan than my main wlan?  Can users in the guest portal access resources and devices on my main network?


Thank you!


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @chiefroastbeef 

Defining the VLAN on the SSID will make the clients to communicate to the network belongs to that VLAN only. This way it will help to reduce the broadcast domain.

Can you share the screen shot of the settings you are referring in the Guest portal so that I can explain more on this?

Thank you for your reply!

It's the "guest access" portion.  Please see screenshot:




Hi @chiefroastbeef 
Thank you for the screen shot. The behavior is same as I explained above. Let me know if you have any other queries.