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Is it possible to have different Ruckus AP models in 1 unleashed network?

New Contributor II

I just have a quick question regarding Ruckus Unleashed, is it possible to have different Ruckus AP models in one Unleashed network?

For example: if I have R310, H320, and T300 all in the same network, will I be able to manage these 3 models/APs with Unleashed? Will there be any potential issues in this setup? 



New Contributor

Potentially, but ensure the APs are all capable of running on the same levels of software. For example I recently wanted to run a network comprising R510s and R310s but the R310 AP does not support version 200.8 and it would not onboard.

So I was faced with a choice of then downgrading the software on the other APs, which had been shipped with release 200.8, or swapping for another R510 (which is what I choose)

I'll keep this in mind going forward. Thanks for the info!

Valued Contributor

Hi Jovy,

Absolutely! You can certainly mix AP model types in an Unleashed network and do so without any issues.

As mentioned by Nick; you just need to ensure the APs can work on a common firmware level, as it's not possible to mix firmware types on a single Unleashed instance.

You would need 200.7 for your R310 and T300 but this also supports the H320.

Just check the release notes for model support before you make any changes.


Noted on this. Thanks for confirming!